How to attract good luck and have happy life ?

What do you really want ?

10/5/20233 min read

What do you really want ?

Everyone wants to attract good luck and have a happy life.

But when we think about that, what is good luck, really ?

What is your image of a happy life and what do you really want ?

For example,

* Being rich or having more than enough money,

* Can get everything you want, whenever you want,

* Can go anywhere you want anytime ,

* Have a partner and you love each other and are perfect match,

* Have a healthy body inside and out ,

* Being surrounded by people who you love and are loved, etc…

And then what ?

After you got everything you want, at the end , what are you feeling ?

Satisfied ?

Happy ?

Blissful ?

Secure ?

Rich ?

Loved ?

Loving ?

That’s the feeling that one really wants at the end !

So focusing on the "feeling"

of what you really want is the key to attract good luck into your life.


you know what you truly want and in order to attract what you really want , it is important to understand how the Universal law works.

Everything in the world is made up with vibration energy. ( Qi energy )

And all the energy has frequency.

It’s vibrating constantly every second.

Animals, humans, our thinking, our voices emotions, words, events, spaces and all material things, etc. .

All of them are made up of energy, and everything has a frequency.

And each frequency attracts like frequencies.

So similar frequencies are always attracted to each other.

It can be a human that‘s attracted to you, also it can be events that are attracted to you. Anything that has a similar frequency.

So what you are experiencing right now is happening based on your vibrational frequency.

However, frequencies often change, every minute, every second , based on our thinking and emotions.

If you do not like what you are experiencing now,

removing negative energy and raising your frequency level are the fastest ways to change your reality.

How to attract good luck ?

Here are the 5 things to do to attract good luck and have a happy life.

* Purification

To attract good luck, ( good energy ) you will need to clean your personal energy first.

Remove all the negative energy from within you and out.

Also Purify Your Space of Negative energy and of Psychic Pollution.

Ways to purify your personal energy as well as your space

Step 1 : Clean your room / home.

Step 2: Gently Tap a crystal Tuner fork 4096HZ on a Rubber Mallet or crystal wand point until you feel calm and comfortable.

Step3: Take a deep breath, and Say the words : “Thank you.”, “ I love you “ many times.

* Raise your frequency

After purifying your personal energy, next thing is to raise your frequency level.

If your frequency level is high ( or light ) , you attract the same frequency kind of high ( or light ) energy into your life.

Best ways to raise your frequency level are below,

1. Feeling good

2. Gratitude

3. Think and imagine about what you love

4. Seek for what you love, not what you dislike.

5. Love and value yourself

6. Give love to others

* Open your Chakras

By opening your 7 charkas, your frequency level gets higher and feels peaceful and balancing.

And when you are feeling happy, your chakras are naturally opening.

You can also listen to meditation music which can open your chakras.

Doing Yoga poses or Tibetan Five Rite exercises also can open your chakras.

So feel good or always pay attention for the things which make you feel happy, so that your chakras are opening and will attract good fortune.

* Live in the moment

It’s said that we humans are normally thinking something about 60,000 times a day.

It means except for while sleeping, our minds are almost constantly thinking about something future or past.

And not living in the moment.

And the thinking often gets the feeling of fear of future or past.

Most all problems and unhappiness are when you are focusing on the past or the future.

But if you live in the moment, all your so-called problems will disappear.

And when you live in the moment, your subconscious mind can attract the purpose of your life without being blocked by your thoughts, and your life will go well.

Focus on the moment and feel 100% in the moment , and get a habit to live with joy every moment.

If you can do this , your life will fundamentally change.

Many people are getting amazing results using this method.

* Have a lucky charm which has a high frequency level

Everything has a frequency including all material goods.

And people who have a high frequency level which are filled with love, joy, and gratitude have the power to delete negative energy , and influence people’s feelings.

The image or statue of a person who has high frequency also has the power to clean the energy around it, and it will be a great lucky charm if you own the image or statue and decorate in your space or carry it all the time with you.

For example,Buddha, Hotei ( Happy Buddha ), Kwan Yin ( Guanyin or Quan yin ),all of their frequencies were and are very high.

and it’s great to have the image of people who are filled with joy and love and gratitude like them to bring good fortune.