Favorable feng shui wedding gift for happy marriage life

What kind of gift is good for newly couple ?


10/6/20233 min read

Feng shui dragon & Phoenix

When the Dragon and Phoenix are placed together in Feng Shui, they create a powerful synergy that embodies the balance of Yin and Yang, the fundamental elements of Feng Shui philosophy.

This harmonious union can:

*Balance Energies: They counterbalance each other's energies, creating a sense of equilibrium in your space.

*Attract Love and Success: Together, they symbolize the perfect balance of love and success, making them ideal additions to bedrooms and areas associated with career and wealth.

*Enhance Well-Being: Their combined presence promotes overall well-being, encouraging a harmonious and prosperous life.

brass dragon & phoenix
brass dragon & phoenix
double happiness pair cups
double happiness pair cups

Double happiness

Double happiness translated as double joy or double happiness is a Chinese ornamental design commonly used as a decoration.

It’s known as the symbol of double happiness activating wedding luck in China.

The double happiness symbol is an affirmation of incredible happiness brought by love, marriage, and excellent family life.

pair of rose quartz love birds
pair of rose quartz love birds

Pair of Rose quartz Love birds

This is also a wonderful wedding gift to newly married couple.

A pair of rose quartz love birds figurine symbolizes happy marriage, happy relationships, forever love.

Decorating tips :

Always make the birds look they love each other, like they are kissing each other.

Jade dragon & phoenix puzzle ball
Jade dragon & phoenix puzzle ball

Jade dragon & phoenix puzzle ball

The dragon and phoenix are the perfect couple in Feng Shui.

Dragon is "yang" while phoenix is "yin", and they complement each other in creating yin-yang balance to harvest successful matrimonial bliss.

This celestial couple is the symbol of everlasting love.

The Dragon and Phoenix couple brings not only strengthens relationships. It can even relight the fires of a kindling relationship with the fiery energy of the Phoenix. The perfect item as well for the single female or bachelor looking to find true love.

Jade is the most important gem to the Orientals and is regarded as the ‘Stone of Heaven’.

Prized for its healing powers and protective qualities, jade is said to assist in the quest for immortality.

The Chinese character for jade resembles a capital ‘I’ with 3 lines across it – the top, middle and bottom. The top line represents Heaven, the middle for Mankind and the bottom line stands for Earth. Jade accessories are very common in Chinese families – many people wear their jade for life. Jade is said to be able to shield their owners from harm and enhance their health.

This special combination Jade and Phoenix and Dragon couple bring out the best of all items.

Three star gods statues ceramic
Three star gods statues ceramic

Fuk Luk Sau ( Three star gods )

This is also a fantastic wedding gift for newly married couple, because Fuk Luk Sau are known as health god ( Sau), wealth god (Luk ) , happiness god ( Fuk ).

They symbolize everything that people want in their life, prosperity, wealth, health, longevity, happy family life, love, power, authority, wisdom, Joy and Success.

pair of swan figurines
pair of swan figurines

Pair for good fortune

Chinese people are extremely conscious of the auspiciousness of giving, or displaying things in pairs. Especially for wedding gift, giving item of pair which symbolizes love, shows wishing them to have happy marriage and love each other forever.

It's also great to give a gift of pair items to single people who do not wish to be alone. Displaying pair item brings partner , or you are always having a partner .

Brass Happy Buddha, Brass Laughing Buddha with children,
Brass Happy Buddha, Brass Laughing Buddha with children,

Happy Buddha

Happy Buddha is also called Hotei in Japan or Laughing Buddha, fat Buddha, God of abundance and good health.

He is one of the members of 7 lucky Gods and is known as to bring joy, happiness and wealth luck.

Hotei has a cheerful laughing face and a big belly with long ear lobes. He carries a large cloth bag over his back which is filled with treasures, foods, money and it never empties.

Placing the image of Happy Buddha in a newly married couple’s home will bring joy and happiness.