Mystic Light Green Jade puzzle ball<br> 5 Layer

Love & Happy marriage

Beautiful Mystic Jade Puzzle ball 5 Layer carved from a single piece of light green Jade from China.

Comes with its own display stand. Select your size preference from the selections on the right.

This is an incredible piece of work. There are three separate balls of jade carved within themselves so that each one is separate and independent of the others.

You can reach into the ball and actually move the inner balls.

How they do it I haven't a clue. It comes with a matching jade stand. It's really a nice piece of workmanship. It measures approximately 4" in diameter and sits 5" tall on the stand.

Jade is Considered the most Lucky Stone in China and Japan and many more countries in the world.

When you place the jade puzzle ball in Southwest corner of your room or house, it brings happiness for your love.

It is also used in healing many Disease in many countries of the World. This very useful Stone and you can Improve your Love Wealth, Status, Peace,Marital life and healing Depression.

It Also helps In Increasing Confidence leads to Fast Decision in Life. Also very good for Healing Stomach Problems.


The sphere is turned on a lathe then conical holes are drilled towards the center. The maker has a set of "L" shaped tools the one with the longest upright has the shortest cutter and the one with the shortest upright has the longest cutter. Starting with the longest tool he lowers it to the narrow bottom of each hole in turn and rotates it to cut the innermost ball free.

Then he gets the second tool which does not reach so far down the hole but can cut a wider arc and separates the second ball. He continues working from the innermost to outermost shell. For obvious reasons, usually only the outermost balls are elaborately carved.

The outer layer is twice as thick as the inner layers. This is because the two outer layers are fused together. The reason for this is that the outer layer with the dueling dragons is carved so deeply that if it were free moving it would be too fragile and shatter, so it has to be fused to the 2nd layer to make it strong enough to avoid breaking. The very inner ball at the center is also counted as a layer making up the total number of layers.

Therefore counting the center ball and the other moveable layers will make up the total layers of the ball minus two layers, those remaining two layers are the ones fused together making up the outer shell.

For example - an 18 layer ball will have 16 moveable layers (including the center ball) plus the 2 fused outer layers.

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Mystic Light Green Jade Puzzle ball
Feng shui for love 5 layer
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Hi Keiko,

I received the beautiful brass dragons, bronze dragon incense burner and Kuan Yin. They are absolutely beautiful. I paid almost double for a smaller brass dragon from a different company that looks almost childish next to yours.

It is very obvious the quality of this artwork is far superior and the energy in my house feels like it has lifted. The small dragon you included as a gift is much nicer than I expected, thank you very much! I will enjoy these for many years, many thanks.

I look forward to ordering my Christmas presents from you.

Dabbie.L , CT

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